Bush Dance! Digital CD

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Ever wanted to change the tempo of the tunes for dancing or learning? Or have you wanted change the key signatures to put them in a more convenient pitch for different instruments? Well, now you can! Our Bush Dance! Digital CD contains all the music from our audio CDs in both MIDI and AAC (MP3) format – ideal for use with any MIDI player on your computer or for storing it all on your iPod or similar product. This is a perfect format for learning tunes and dances.


The Bush Dance! Digital CD has additional music not recorded on the original audio CDs – this is designed to extend the medleys so you can have a full arrangement for every dance. There is no dance calling on this CD, so it makes it perfect for running your own bush dance – you can be your own caller with Rantan Bush Band right there in the box! Installation information can be found here for Macs, and here for PCs.

Some of the dances on the Digital CD include:

Easy dances:
Brown Jug Polka | Circassian Circle | Cumberland Reel | Galopede | Ninepins Quadrille | Sir Roger de Coverley | Stockyards.

Medium dances:
Blackwattle Reel | Cheshire Rounds | Cumberland Square Eight | Flying Pieman | Highland Schottische | Irish Trot | Strip the Willow | The Tempest | Varsovienne | Virginia Reel | Waltz Country Dance.

Harder dances:
Waves of Tory | Colonial’s Quadrille | The Cottagers | Country Bumpkin | Dashing White Sergeant | La Russe Quadrille | Postie’s Jig | Scottish Circle | Soldier’s Joy | Sweets of May | Triplet Quadrille | Willow Tree.

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