Mike Jackson’s Kindergarten / Daycare Concerts

The Dr Knickerbocker Show

A joyous collection of funny songs, action games, magical string figures, a truckload of unusual instruments, hilarious antics and a little juggling. Lots of laughs and heaps of audience participation. Plus a brief intro to playing ukulele for the very young child.

Length of Show: 45-50mins

Available times for kinder shows @ $290+GST per show – 9.15am, 11.30am or anytime after 2pm N.B. If the same kinder has two shows on the one day – then one show is scheduled just before lunch and one show straight after lunch.

If kinder wants individual show at a different time – $490+GST


Dr Knickerbocker Show – with some family dances included if requested.

Length of show: 45-50mins

There are several conditions that must be agreed on, to make Mike’s style of show workable in this situation:

  • The concert needs to take place in an indoor area.
  • Children are not to be fed or provided with drinks during the performance (best if this is all done before the show starts)
  • Parents are to be focussed on the show as well – and need to come and enjoy it with their children.

Fees: $390+GST

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