Primary Schools

The Dr Knickerbocker Show

A joyous collection of funny songs, action games, magical string figures, truckload of instruments, hilarious antics and juggling.
Anything Is Possible

Mike, along with a truckload of instruments, gives a brief but exciting, inspirational guide to playing music.

Uke ‘n Play Ukulele

Beginner ‘instant play’ session for these easy instruments. Ukes and chordchart/songbooks can be provided.

Uke ‘n Play Ocarina Workshops

Beginner sessions on these beautifully simple instruments. Ocarinas and fingering charts can be provided.
Dance Workshops

Easy and fun Bush Dances & Dances for Little Kids – taught with live music.

Flying Wombat Bush Ball

An evening for the whole family. Easily understood dance calls and careful selection of dances ensure that all who attend get maximum enjoyment with a minimum of fuss. Mike solo or with Flying Wombat Band.

Magic with String

Mike teaches the less complicated string games and tricks, step-by-step, and presents some of the more complex and intricate figures.

Ocarina and Ukulele workshops

Beginner classes for each of these easily playable and attainable instruments.

Artist in Residence

Mike presents a shorter concert and a workshop to each level/school where an easy chorus song and a string game are taught. Children present these as items in a family concert (or group schools concert) with a backing band, Mike hosting the concert and leading the singing. A generic song is also taught and sung by all at the end.

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