Dr Knickerbocker

Dr KnickerbockerDr Knickerbocker is Mike Jackson’s most requested song ever.

Mike’s live concerts are a joy to watch – his cheery music, daft songs and comic antics charm even the shyest child and quickly have them giggling and singing along. It’s all here on this CD – a delicious live version of the song with the students of Pascoe Vale South Primary School laughing fit to bust as they tease Mike.

The Flying Wombat Band has been the secret ingredient on all of Mike’s albums. The band has had more members than the Collingwood Football Club – all with a common goal: to make music exciting and interesting for children. The current line-up on this CD features the musical talents of Terry Cole, Jennifer Hawley, Peter Vadivaloo, Christine Hutchinson and Diane Jackson-Hill.

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Track Titles

The Barnyard Song (I Had A Cat) 1:42
Henry Thomas (My Cat) 1:58
Right Said Fred 2:31
Rock-a-bye Baby/Lazybones 2:09
You’re A Pink Toothbrush 1:34
John Brown’s Holden/Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour 1:41
Pick A Bale Of Cotton 2:05
Rochdale Coconut Dance/Apple Danish 2:26
The Garden Song 3:23
The Hippopotamus Song 3:37
When I First Came To This Land 1:45
Little Red Wagon/The Bold Princess Royal 2:49
There’s A Song They Sing At The Singsong 2:00
When You Come To The End Of A Lollipop 1:53
Me And My Teddy Bear 1:53
Nigun Atik 1:48
I’ll Tell Me Ma’ When I Get Home 1:28
I’m Going To Tell 3:26
Waltzing With Bears 3:47
The Hole In The Wall/Selenger’s Round/The Jolly Bird/Baa Baa Black Sheep/Jingle Bells 2:22
Jogging Along With My Reindeer 3:01
When Santa Got Stuck Up The Chimney 1:36
Dr Knickerbocker 2:44
Alphabet Soup (Gaztelugatxeko Martxa) 2:09
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