KC02 Black Clip On Tuner

KC02 Black Clip On Tuner

  • An accurate, quick and easy to use chromatic* tuner
  • Works on ukulele, guitar and many other instruments
  • Still works in a noisy environment
  • Swivels to the angle that is easiest for you to read
  • The easy to read backlit screen tells what note you are playing and whether it’s in tune
  • No wires and no microphones
  • Choose between chromatic, ukulele C, and ukulele D modes

Mike passes this tuner around at workshops and even absolute beginners tune their instruments perfectly first time – despite the noise going on around them. He describes it as the best tuner he has ever used – by a country mile!

chromatic* means you can tune any note (including sharps and flats) so it’s easy to experiment with other ukulele tunings or use on other instruments.

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