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Man playing ukulele on the beach

Wanting to learn a new musical instrument? As a professional performer, Mike Jackson has played the ukulele at concerts and festival venues all over the world for many years. He shares his unique experience on why learning the ukulele is easy, enriching and fun for people of all ages.

Here’s Mike’s quick list:

# Sound

Ukuleles sound fabulous and won’t annoy your neighbours.

# Smiles

It’s very hard not to smile when sharing a Uke song with friends.

# Tropical Beaches

Playing the ukulele evokes happy thoughts of sun, sand and sea, holidaying in Hawaii.

# Facility

Ukuleles are easy to play and learn, especially when you use Mike’s Uke ‘n Play book and CD kits. You’ll be wowing your friends in no time. If you already play some guitar, you’ll play ukulele very well quickly.

# Convenience

When you’re travelling, ukuleles are easy to carry – they even fit in an overhead plane locker.

# Empowering

As you learn ukulele, you’ll feel encouraged to join in community singing, jams and other group musical activities.

# Therapeutic

Playing the ukulele helps maintain and improve manual dexterity. Importantly, learning ukulele stimulates and nourishes young and aging brains.

# Time Management

Ukuleles are small enough to sit on your desk, ready to play when you’re bored with work.

# Utility

If you lose your canoe paddle, you can always use your ukulele!

Looking for someone who can teach large or small groups to play ukulele? Call Mike Jackson. Mike can also put you in contact with his virtuoso ukulele playing son, Thom Jackson.